Simply Search, Select and update design files with manufacturer product data using GPD Tools

Our product data library contains thousands of manufacturers products. All are BIM enabled with GPD’s ProductTAG technology, giving Revit, AutoCAD and Sketchup app users a clean and simple process to update generic content with the…..

  • Manufacturers Name
  • Model Number
  • Uniformat/OmniClass Classification Code
  • URL’s to product additional information, such as warranty, specs and MSDS

If your a manufacturer then here’s some additional information:

  • Publish as many product pages as you wish.
  • Enhance your offering even further by implementing ProductTAG on all your company website product pages, similar to apps such as FB and Pinterest.
  • GPD does NOT host content files. Manufacturer website pages have the most up to date product information, so we direct users to YOUR site for downloads.
  • We do however, index, classify and curate all products to make sure search results are accurate and relevant.

Benefits for participating?

Is the ability to have all your products BIM enabled. ProductTAG is a very efficient way for end users to gain access to a manufacturers current product content and update design files all within the same workflow.

In addition to this value you also gain….

  • Access to our growing registered BIM user community, currently more than 37,000.
  • Knowledge of usage data related to product and material selections creating a unique level of analytical marketing intelligence.
  • Driving design professionals directly to your web site to access the most up to date product information available.
  • Use of our self service portal to manage your own content.

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